Our Story

As long as she could remember, Trish has had a love for baking. A relentless desire to create new flavours and be comforted with old ones; but baking didn't seem like a career at the time. Trish turned to a successful corporate career but all the time still grew in her passion for baking; especially making treats available to people who couldn’t eat eggs, dairy or nuts. In late 2018, Trish launched a side hustle - Trish’s Treats Kelowna.  She quickly began to understand that there was a need for gluten free alternatives as well; and a new combination of vegan, gluten free and nut free treats was born in January 2019.

The word of her delectable treats spread quickly throughout Kelowna and the Okanagan. In May 2019 Trish left her corporate career of 27.5 years and focused all of her efforts into her baking business full time. 

Next came findings a suitable baking space, hiring a team, buying a delivery truck (The Hamster!) and growing the business. 2019 was an exciting year of growth and discovery. But it was now time for the next evolution...

Formerly Trish's Treats Kelowna, we have evolved into the Relentless Baking Company... and we couldn't be more excited! Why the move to Relentless Baking? Well for the past few years we have been primarily focused on baking tasty vegan, gluten free and nut free treats for the people of the Okanagan; everything from mini munchkin donuts to delectable chili chocolate cookies. But since we started we have discovered that people are liking our breads, our buns and our other creations. Trish and the team here have been relentlessly growing the bakery, developing new recipes and opening up the possibilities of what can be done. Trish has been called 'relentless' in her pursuit so the name just stuck!

"We are committed to relentlessly creating tasty baked goods, allergen safe for all humans."

Trish Woodman (Owner)

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